Panasonic To Build New Battery Factory to Supply Tesla in US


The company ‘Panasonic Corp.’ has been planning to build a factory in the United States for supplying the lithium-ion batteries to Tesla Inc. that has been seeking to ramp up the production for the purpose of meeting anticipated demand for the electric vehicles.

The electronics company of Japan has been looking at the sites in the region of Kansas and Oklahoma for the purpose of building the plant citing a person it does not identifying the source and Tesla has also been bringing a new factory online in the nearby region of Texas where the company has recently established new headquarters in the region of Austin.

The company ‘Panasonic’ is having a longstanding relationship with the company ‘Tesla’ along with the two companies that are jointly operating the large battery plant that is known as the Gigafactory outside of the region of Reno Nevada. The batteries for being built in any of the new factory in the United States is probably going to be 4680 cells, which has been a new type that is bigger with the a proper height.

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The company ‘Panasonic’ has also been seeking to bolstering the ability for producing the batteries that has been enabling the electric vehicles along with a longer driving range and it has also been considering the spending several hundreds of billions of the yen on the establishment on the factory.