Neuralink Planning to Implant Chips in Human Brains for Treating Neural Disorders


The company Neuralink of Elon Musk has started the recruitment for a clinical trial director, which will be bringing the company one step closer for the development of the technology that can possibly connect the human brain directly to the devices.

The main goal of the company ‘Neuralink’ has been to build something which is going to be called a brain computer interface that is going to be allowing the people to receive and transmit the information between a compute and their brains wirelessly.

The hiring of a clinical director is going to be responsible for bringing the company ‘Neuralink’ one step more close to the vision of the company, and the job description has been including that, as a clinical directors, the person is going to be working closely with some of the top engineers and most innovative doctors and the person will also be working with the participants of the first Clinical Trial of Neuralink.

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The company, which has been founded by Elon Musk is going to be getting the benefits of the technology for the purpose of helping the people, who are devasted by the diseases like paralysis and paraplegia, and several others have also expressed the concerns about the potential dark nature of the technology.

In the year 2019, Elon Must had also announced that, the company ‘Neurolink’ had been poised to start human clinical trials on the brain implants very soon.