Mercedes Benz USA Launched New CSR Strategy


Mercedes Benz USA has announced the launch of Driving Your Future, and this new corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of the company has designed for empowering the next generation.

Through the partnerships of the company with the non-profit organizations Safe Kids Worldwide, along with Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund and Junior Achievement USA, and this initiative is going to be supporting the educational programs that is focused on the sustainability and technology, child and teen injury prevention and career readiness.

The CSR program ‘driving Your Future’ has been anchored in the commitment of the company for positively impacting the future generations and also making a difference in the communities where the employees of Mercedes Benz USA are living and working.

As a part of the multi-dimensional partnership, the company is going to be supporting each organization with the financial support along with community and employee engagement and opportunities to volunteer on a national level.

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Dimitris Psillakis, president and chief executive officer of Mercedes Benz USA said, the company has been synonymous with the achievement and has been driven by the ingenuity and innovation and they are thrilled for launching the Driving Your Future program for the purpose of helping, educate and empowering the next generation of the innovators and leaders for enabling the communities for thriving and growing.

He also said that, they are now looking forward for the purpose of working with their incredible partners for the purpose of bringing this vision to life.