United Kingdom Retailers Feel Pressure Due to Ban on Moroccan Tomato


The ban of Morocco on the export of tomatoes has been hitting the retailers of the United Kingdom and is also leaving the gaps on the shelves as the market is feeling the combine effects of the haulage strike of Spain and is decreasing the production by the greenhouse producers of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The trucker protests in Spain over the high price of fuel has decreased the plantings in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands because of the increasing gas prices and a ban on export by Morocco for the purpose of decreasing the domestic prices has been creating a shortage of tomatoes across the continent of Europe.

Alex Margerison Smith, marketing and insights manager at Keelings International, a supplier of tomatoes to UK retailers said that, Morocco has imposed ban on the country’s round tomato exports after the increasing prices which led to the domestic protests, and this impact is also being felt across the supermarkets of the United Kingdom.

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He said that, they are now seeing gaps in the shelves of the retailers in the United Kingdom and in the recent years, the retailers of the United Kingdom have also increased the amount of tomatoes imported from Morocco.

The country of Morocco has banned or restricted the exports of the country’s European-bound round tomatoes for the purpose of easing an increase in the local prices for an important component if the country’s cuisine and meals.