Google to Ban all Recording Apps From Its Play Store


In an effort for enhancing the security and privacy on Android, Google is taking the stringent measures for the purpose of preventing the applications from offering the call recording features to the users.

Google has also updated the developer policies that has been reflecting many changes, which is including those in the accessibility settings of Android for the purpose of stopping the remote call audio recording, which has been a functionality that is very popular among the Android users.

A user of Reddit has pointed out that, the upcoming changes in the new Play Store policies of Google is not going to be permitting any app for recording the calls remotely, and Google has also been pushing to stop the call recording on the Android devices for some time. Google had also blocked the real-time call recording on the Android 6 and with the Android 10, Google has removed the in-call audio recording over the microphone.

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Although, some of the apps has found a loophole in the Android OS for the purpose of accessing the Accessibility Service for offering the call recording functionality on the device running on the Android 10 and above versions.

The Accessibility API has not been designed and it cannot be requested for the remote call audio recording and without having the access to the call recording API, the apps are not going to be able for offering the call recording negatively and this is going to be similar to the iPhone, which has never offered a functionality of call recording to its users.