Google Planning to Make Android Apps More Private


The plan of the company ‘Google’ for the purpose of limiting the data on the company’s Chrome browser has now been extended for the purpose of covering the Android applications or apps on the smartphones based on Android OS.

The so-called Privacy Sandbox project of Google has been aiming to stop the amount of the user data that can be gathered by the advertisers, and the competitor ‘Apple’ is now forcing the app developers for asking the permission from the users before the company tracks them, and this news is going to be a blow to the companies like Meta, that mainly rely on putting their code on the apps for the purpose tracking the behaviour of the consumers.

Meta said, the changes of apple is going to cost 10-billiob dollars in the year 2022, and the Android operating system of Google is mainly used by around 85 percent of the smartphone owners across the world.

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The third-party cookies that are responsible for using the browsing history of the people for targeting the advertisements is going to be removed out on the Chrome browser of Google by the year 2023.

Google said that, it will now extend what the company calls Privacy Sandbox to the Android apps, and they are currently working on the solutions that are going to be limiting sharing of the users data and also operating without the identifiers of the cross app, which also includes the advertising ID.