Vodafone and UK Power Network Partners to Trial Smart Electricity Substation in UK


Under the trial of the Constellation project, the computers, which are having the capacity of 5G are going to be installed in the electricity substations of the United Kingdom, and these devices are going to be communicating with each other in real-time and sharing data regarding the demand for the electricity and several other metrics and grid mix.

This project is going to be used for the purpose of delivering timing energy storage and flexibility and appropriate discharging for the purpose of balancing the demand and supply of electricity in the country, and the company Vodafone has also been claiming that, the 5G network technology of the company is around 100 times faster than the 3G and ten times faster than 5G, which generally means that, each substation in the country is going to be able to analyse millions of the data points rapidly.

The companies including ABB, General Electric, and Siemens are now working with the University of Strathclyde for the purpose of developing and improving the software solutions for the electric substations in the United Kingdom, and the funding for the project has been allocated through the Network Innovation Competition (NIC) of Ofgem, that is mainly responsible for allocating around 70 million pounds of funding every year per project.

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Ian Cameron, head of customer service and innovation at UK Power Networks said, they are already having smart control rooms and smart EV chargers and the development of smart electricity substations is going to be helping them in facilitating the net-zero targets and also delivering carbon savings and real cost for their customers.