Recyclus Group and Technology Minerals Opens New Laboratory in UK


Technology Minerals Plc, a company focusing on the production of a sustainable circular economy for the metals has now opened the company’s first laboratory suite as the company’s new battery processing facility located in the region of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

This new laboratory is going to be enabling the Recyclus Group, which is a company that is 49 percent owned by the Technology Minerals for the purpose of carrying out the company’s own in-house testing for both the processes of the lithium-ion and lead acid battery recycling.

The testing facility of laboratory is consisting of the specialized equipment that is also including an X-ray fluorescence machine (XRF) that has been used for the purpose of measuring the elemental composition of the different battery products, and this has specifically been very important for the purpose of examining the lead content of the paste of lead along with the levels of sulphur that make sure the quality of the end product.

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Robin Brundle, chairman of Technology Minerals said, the new specialized laboratory at the company’s battery processing facility in the region of Wolverhampton has been in line with the company’s strategy and development programme from the purpose of commissioning the very first lithium-ion plants of the company.

He also said that, it has been another important step towards their goal for significantly increasing the company’s capacity of recycling in the year 2022.