Zoetis Inc., Donates Animal Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate to 70 Zoos in US


On Friday, 2nd July 2021, Zoetis Inc., an animal health company in the United States has donated the more than 11,000 doses of the company’s experimental corona virus vaccine to around 70 countries across the United States of America.

The company said, the corona virus vaccine of the company has been authorized for the experimental use on a case-by-case basis by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) along with the respective state veterinarians of the country. The company Zoetis, which has been responsible for providing the corona virus vaccine across the 27 states of the country for supplying the vaccine in the San Diego Zoo in 2021 for the purpose of the using vaccine on the great apes, that has been followed by an outbreak, which infected most of the groups of gorillas.

Several Asiatic lions along with a tiger at the Bronx Zoo of New York City have been infected by the novel corona virus, but the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States said, it still does not know if all the animals can get infected by the virus or not.

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The company Zoetis said, the Oakland Zoo, located in the region of Northern California have received their first shipment of the novel corona virus on 29th June 2021 and the black and grizzly bears, along with the tigers and mountain lions and ferrets had been the first animals for receiving the first two doses of the corona virus vaccine. Additionally, the vaccine of the company is going to be used in more than 100 mammalian species in over a dozen of sanctuaries, academic institutions and government organizations across the country.