ZIM and Data Science Consulting Group (DSG) Announced Closing of $6-Million Investment


ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. and Data Science Consulting Group (DSG), which is a tech company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based products, services and solutions, has announced the companies have closed a 6 million dollar Series A funding round whereby the company ‘ZIM’ has made a capital investment in DSG, which has been constituting the first large equity investment in DSG.

DSG is expected to use the proceeds of the investment from ZIM for bolstering the development of e-volve and the company’s holistic artificial intelligence governance and decision management system along with expanding its operations and presence to the additional territories across the globe.

This investment has been concluded followed by a successful commercial collaboration between the ZIM and DSG in the creation of a center of excellence for the development of the artificial intelligence tools for the maritime shipping industry.

Eli Glickman, CEO and president of ZIM said, the center of excellence they have initiated with DSG has been another example of a fruitful partnership ZIM has established with an startup of Israel and the successful development and implementation of the artificial intelligence tools for improving the business decisions of ZIM.

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Dr. Elan Sasson, chief executive officer of DSG, said, they are proud in the vote of confidence which the investment of ZIM in DSG has been representing. This transformation of ZIM is an indication of the impact and reward they are aspiring for delivering to their customers and precisely the type of the relationships they are aiming to foster.