YouTube to Add New AI-Powered Tools for Video Creators


Google-owned YouTube is getting ready to use generative AI programs like OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, which can create images with a professional appearance from text provided by users. Creators will be able to use the technologies on YouTube to add special effects to their videos.

Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube, said that the power of AI is just beginning to emerge in ways that will reinvent video and make the seemingly impossible possible.

Neal Mohan continued, the features promise to raise production values on YouTube videos by allowing a creator to virtually swap outfits during the video, add fantastical film settings in the background, and there will be additional features in the future.

In addition, Google has developed an AI-powered program that, given a simple text prompt, can produce videos that look real but are in fact fictitious. Deepfakes and online deception could be easily produced using the same technology.

However, it would appear that YouTube is well aware of the dangers posed by AI-powered video features. Neal Mohan stated in his letter that they are thoughtfully developing these features with guardrails. Remain tuned before long as we carry out devices for makers as well as the insurances to mindfully embrace this innovation.

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