YouTube Overtaken by TikTok for Average Watch Time in UK and US


The users of apps in the United States and United Kingdom are now spending more time on the TikTok application than on YouTube, which is indicating the high levels of the engagement, and the App Annie has now characterised the app TikTok as it is upending the social landscape and streaming, although, the app YouTube is now retaining the top spot for the total time spent, as it is having many more users overall.

YouTube, a video making company owned by Google is having an estimated two billion users in a month, while the most recent public figures of TikTok suggested that, it had around 700 million users in the mid of 2020, and the App Annie has also been specializing in the analysis of the apps market, and the metric known as time spent in the report is now only accounting for the Android phones, but it does not include China.

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The app YouTube is still leading TikTok in the total time spent, which is also including the United Kingdom, have also been explained by the analysts, and the analysts also said, the mass audience of YouTube means that, it is also getting more demographics, which are comparatively light users of the interned, and it has just been reaching everyone who is now online, and the most involved users of YouTube are probably matching or surpassing the engagement of the users of the mobile application TikTok.