You Might Get Anxious On Knowing About How Stress Affects Your Brain


A recent study has unveiled that how stress can be a major cause for damaging your memory and will escalate the chances of memory loss with an increase in age. The study, published in the Journal Neurology, revealed that stress might also be associated with a little shrinking inside it.

By conducting a study on more than 2,000 healthy middle-aged people, the doctors found that people having higher blood levels of the hormone cortisol (an indicator in stress) in their body, could not do well in the memory tests.

Resultantly, their brains were slightly shrunken when compared with those having a normal level of hormone, especially in case of Women. However, stress is not directly responsible for damage of the brain but is linked with its function.

When a person is undergoing stressful moments, it leads to a rise in the levels of cortisol along with the hormone adrenaline that makes a body to react in a fight-or-flight response. This hormone, basically, increases the levels of glucose and sugar which would help the human brain in suppressing the bodily functions which might not be immediately useful during emergency activities like digestion, reproduction, and growth.

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The author of the study, Dr. Justin Echouffo-Tcheugui, said: “The stress response is a natural part of life, as the body must react when confronted by danger or other threats. And cortisol is central to that stress response.”