Monday, December 5, 2022
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XOi and Comfort System USA Partnered to Introduce FIX Tech Support

The Comfort Systems USA, a service provider and leading building for the electrical, plumbing and mechanical building systems and XOi Technologies, a system for the field services data collection along with indexing, and announcing a partnership that has been deploying an advanced end-to-end engagement solution for the purpose of better equipping the industrial and commercial technicians on the job.

FIX solution of the Comfort Systems that has been powered by the XOi, which has been delivering the innovative insights and tools, along with facilitating for stopping the technician enablement along with the engagement from the dispatch to the completion of the job.

With the help of the cutting edge and data driven Augmented Reality technology, and the FIX solution has been giving the technicians of the Comfort Systems along with the ability for the purpose of utilizing, along with analyzing and aggregating the critical job data, along with making the time of the company on the site more effectively.

The tool of the company has also been empowering the service teams for the purpose of enhancing the transparency, customer experience, efficiency and also building the institutional knowledge that has been supporting the decision making and real time and continuity based on the data.

Aaron Salow, chief executive officer and founder of XOi said, by solving the skilled trades gap has been a responsible for driving the force behind the technologies and tools that the company is developing since the first day of the operations.