Within two days of joining Meta, I lost my job says an IITian


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, revealed that 11,000 employees have been let go, as a result of significant layoffs. People who lost their employment at Facebook are currently in a worse condition.

An IITian named Himanshu was left in shock after traveling to Canada, two days prior to joining Meta. This employee was let go by Facebook two days after he started working there. He disclosed his firing on LinkedIn two days after joining. He informed that he had to leave the company as a part of the first significant layoff the company had ever done, as a way to express his sorrow. Himanshu has previously held positions at Flipkart, Adobe, and GitHub.

Additionally, he expressed his deep sorrow for everyone’s current struggle. Next, what?
He admitted that he didn’t know.

He requested a position as a software engineer in Canada or India as his final request in his post. His post has received numerous comments from LinkedIn users, sharing websites for software engineering job listings.

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