Winncom Technologies Signs Distribution Partnership with Intracom Telecom in North America


Winncom Technologies, a global networking solutions distribution company has announced that, it has partnered with Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication solutions and systems vender, for the purpose of promoting the advanced 5th generation FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) Platform, known as ‘WiBAS G5’ of the Intracom Telecom, for addressing the demand for the cutting-edge business and also the residential solutions across the region of North America.

Particularly, the Winncom Technologies is going to be focusing on the promotion of the WiBAS in the frequency bands of 24 GHz and 28 GHz for enabling the customers of the company to provide a Gigabit Tier throughput to the subscriber. Based on the advanced technology present in the market, the WiBAS G5 evo-BS, is having an exceptional deployment flexibility, that has been serving anyone within a footprint of large area, and it has also been supporting a variety of the sectoral antenna that has been ranging from a coverage of 90 degree to 180 degree.

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Because of the compact size, the new FWA base station has not been demanding the heavy telecom infrastructures, and at the same time, the new WiBAS G5 Commet+ has been an advanced terminal station that has been aiming for the operators, which is wanting to focus on the worry-free quick installations at the businesses and homes.

Igor Kurochkin, vice president at Winncom said, the partnership with the FWA products of Intracom Telecom is going to allow them for expanding their offerings of the broadband as well as keeping up with the existing demands of the company’s Gigabit speeds to their customers.