When Will Covid-19 Pandemic Ends? As Vaccination Continues, Moderna CEO Responds


As the world is still facing the novel corona virus pandemic, there has been a question that, the people around the world have been asking that, when this novel corona virus pandemic will end? In this situation, Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna has given the answer.

On Wednesday, Stephane Bancel said, the novel corona virus pandemic can possibly end in just period of a year, and he has also predicted that, it is going to be the ongoing situation like the flu, and he also said that, if people are looking at the expansion of the industry of the production capacity in the past six months then there are going to be enough doses of the novel corona virus vaccines available by the mid of 2022.

He also said, in this way, all the people in the world can possibly be vaccinated, and within this time, many booster doses of the corona virus vaccines are also going to be needed, which will be available in that particular number.

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Stephane Bencel said, the people, who will not get vaccinated, they are going to be immunizing themselves naturally, because the new and mutated Delta variant of the novel corona virus has been very dangerous, and in this way, they will be reaching a situation like flu, and if the people will get vaccinated, they will having good winters.

If the people will not get vaccinated, then the chances of getting sick by the corona virus is going to be increased and they might have to get hospitalized.