Pipe bomb

When Elections Are At Peak, Pipe Bombs Sent To US Leaders


Renowned US leaders including President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a liberal philanthropist & financier George Soros and American news agency CNN received explosive devices at their premises, just two weeks before elections. On Wednesday, an intense investigation was set off to find out about the whole matter in detail.

A suspected bomb was sent to the mailroom of CNN after which the whole office was evacuated. However, none of the devices were able to harm anyone and even it wasn’t clear about what that suspicious packets contained.

The law enforcement officials, after examining those devices, said that they were probably fake pieces which were deliberately designed to look like bombs and could not explode. FBI officials disclosed that this suspicious packet was similar with the one found at the home of George Soros.

While thanking the Secret Service during at a campaign event in Florida, Hillary Clinton told that her family is fine. She said, “It is a troubling time. It is a time of deep visions and we have to do everything we can bring our country together. We also have to elect candidates who will try to do the same.”

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Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Obama denied to say anything on the incident and told the reporters to go through the Secret Service Statement.

Articulating his views on this dire situation, President Donald Trump said, “The safety of the American people is my highest and absolute priority. In these times we just have to unify. We need to come together and send one very clear unmistakable message that threats or acts of political violence of any kind have no place in America.”

Just two weeks left for the midterm elections and the detection of these bomb-like devices has raised many questions over this political discourse.