WhatsApp Launched Pilot of Cryptocurrency Payments in the United States


Meta’s WhatsApp has now launched a new pilot, which is responsible for letting a limited number of people in the United States for sending and receiving the money from within a chat by using the cryptocurrency. This new feature has been powered by Novi, which is digital wallet of Meta that had been launched as a pilot, along with the payments made by using the USDP (Pax Dollars), which has been a stable coin that is pegged to the US dollar, which has been issued by Paxos.

According to the website of Novi, sending a payment or amount generally works same like sending any other attachment in the WhatsApp, and the people can also access the new feature through the paper clip icon on the Android devices and the + icon on the devices of iOS, and then they can possibly select the ‘Payment’ option from the appeared menu.

The website of Novi is also noting that, there is no extra fees for the purpose of receiving or sending money, along with no fees for keeping a balance in the Novi account of the people, and no limits on how often the payments can possibly be sent, and the payments are transferred instantly.

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The Novi pilot had originally been available in the United States and in Guatemala, but the people or users in the region of Guatemala are not going to be able to access the new functionality of WhatsApp payments, and instead they will have to continue to use the standalone app of Novi.