Blood test

What Is Your ‘Body Time’? Know It With The Help Of Your Own Blood.



Timing is everything! Indeed. Whether you like to rise early or your brain functions the best at the midday time or at the night, you can feel the slenderest changes in your body. However, if you are not clear about what time it is inside your body then you might know the same by undergoing a blood test.

Knowing about the ‘body time’ is vital as the incongruity amid your biological clock and the actual clock can be dangerous for your health. The results obtained from the test enable the doctors to prescribe accurate drugs at the right time, as stated by the researchers.

The newly discovered blood test, named as TimeSignature, uses a machine-learning algorithm which is basically trained for looking out for patterns of a gene expression during different times in a day. Researchers, recently, have filed the patent for the same along with publishing the results in a journal PNAS. About 20,000 genes in a body were examined which resulted in 40 genes connected with different times.

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One of the researchers said, “So many drugs have optimal times for dosing. The best time for you to take the blood pressure drug or the chemotherapy or radiation may be different from somebody else.”