Friday, December 2, 2022
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Vu Technologies to Expand Its Virtual Studio Network in Las Vegas US

The company ‘Vu Technologies’, which is the fastest growing virtual studio network for the video, advertising and film industry announced that, the studio of the company in Las Vegas has been opened for business, and campus in the region of Las Vegas has been latest addition to the growing portfolio of the virtual production studios of the company.

The Vu Technologies studio in Las Vegas has also been established followed by an overwhelming response to the strong demand of the customers on the western coast of the region.

Tim Moore, co-founder and chief executive officer of Vu Technologies said, because of the recent advancements in the real-time and virtual production technology, the video industry has been undergoing a large shift where the connected virtual studios are going to become the predominant method of the forward moving production.

Jason Soto, general manager and vice president of Vu Technologies for Las Vegas, US said, as one of the premier entertainment destination of the world, the region is also providing enough opportunity for the Vu studios for the purpose of highlighting and showcasing the experiences and stories of the west coast.

Tim Moore said that, the Vu Technologies has been owning and operating then advanced virtual production soundstages that are utilizing the patent and proprietary pending technologies that is empowering the directors for shooting in the virtual environments for the actors to perform as if they have been on the location.