Voyager Ventures Launched $100-Million Fund I to Invest in Climate Technology Across Europe and North America


The Voyager Ventures, a company having 28 years of climate experience announced its first round of the 100 million dollar funding, and the Fund I has been investing in the early-stage companies of climate technology in the regions of Europe and North America.

Eva and Logan Green, chief executive officer of Lyft said that, they are very excited for baking Voyager Ventures as a stand-out and early-stage climate technology investing company, and they are very impressed by the knowledge of the company along with its operational expertise and also networks for the purpose of finding, funding, and supporting the leading companies that can possibly create the climate impact at a large scale.

The additional companies joining the first fund of Voyager is including the founders of the companies including Segment, Supercell, Shopify, Tableau and Unity respectively along with the General Partners from the NEA, Insight, and the Union Square ventures. The environmental leaders are also including The Grantham Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.

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Jeff Immelt, former chief executive officer of GE Renewables said that, he is thrilled for investing both money and time into the Voyager Ventures, and the decarbonisation has been a large market opportunity and the company is having the experience, along with the networks and knowledge for the purpose of creating an exceptional fund investing in the upcoming set of the businesses in the climate technology across the continents of Europe and North America.