Vodafone to Bring Back Roaming Charges for Travelers Across Europe


The company ‘Vodafone’ has become the second mobile company of the United Kingdom for reintroducing the roaming charges for the users travelling in the continent of Europe, and from January 2021, the upgrading and new customers are going to be charged at least 1 pounds each day for the purpose of using their mobile phone in the destinations of the European Union and also on several tariffs.

In June 2021, the company has announced that, it has been following some similar plans from the competitor of Vodafone known as EE, and initially, all the mobile operators of United Kingdom said that, they are going to re-introduce a roaming charges after the Brexit deal, in spite of having the option to.

The approach of the company ‘Vodafone’ was to limit those services, that will be including the roaming charges in the continent of Europe for the selected plans, that has also been including the more expensive options of the company, and these rules are also going to change for the upgrading and new customers starting from 11th August 2021, even though the charges are not going to apply until January 2022.

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The company Vodafone said, the existing customer of the company is going to be impacted by all these changes as they will remain on the existing plans for the pricing of the services, and the roaming charges in the Republic of Ireland is still going to be included for all the customers of the company.