Visiting Mars might be harmful for Humans


Traveling to Mars is something about which every astronaut dreams of. Even after numerous challenges faced by the people, traveling to Mars is an experience of a lifetime. However, this delightful experience can cost on your health as the recent study unveiled about the dangerous impact of the amount of radiation that a human gets in contact with, during its journey.

This is, basically, because of Cosmic Radiation which is a formation of extremely strong particles that run at a speed of just as the light. These Radiations are a kind of phenomenon that a human body is not able to withstand it. The farther we are away from Earth, the more cosmic radiation will be absorbed by our body.

One of the lead Scientists of the study, Jordanka Semkova, said: “Radiation doses accumulated by astronauts in interplanetary space would be several hundred times larger than the doses accumulated by humans over the same time period on Earth, and several times larger than the doses of astronauts and cosmonauts working on the International Space Station.”

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The results were obtained with the help of a measuring instrument – dosimeter which is carried by spacecraft orbiting Mars since 2016. The measurements, as declared by the research team, unveiled that just a to and fro Mars journey would lead to 60 percent of exposure of the radiations.