Verizon to Use Amazon’s Satellite Internet System to Extend 4G and 5G in Rural Parts of US


Verizon Communications and the low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite network of Amazon, known as Project Kuiper, have now entered into a strategic partnership for the purpose of delivering the connectivity solutions for the unserved and underserved communities in the United States of America.

This partnership between the two giants has been aiming to pair the terrestrial mobile network of Verizon with the low-earth orbit satellites network known as Project Kuiper of Amazon, and especially, the Project Kuiper is going to be responsible in delivering the cellular backhaul solution for the purpose of extending the 5G data networks and 4G/LTE of Verizon.

The Project Kuiper has been a 10 billion dollar initiative of Amazon for the purpose of delivering the global broadband connectivity through the constellation of the 3,236 LEO satellites of Amazon, and for starting with, both Verizon and Amazon are going to be focusing on the expansion of the data networks of Verizon for using the cellular backhaul solution from the Project Kuiper of Amazon.

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Verizon and Project Kuiper are also working together for the purpose of defining the technical requirements for the purpose of helping the extension of the fixed wireless coverage for both the remote and rural communities.

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon said, they are very proud for working together with Amazon for the purpose bringing the reliable and fast broadband to the communities and customers, who are currently need it the most, and they are also looking forward for partnering with several companies around world for sharing this commitment.