Verizon and AT&T Agee to Adopt New Measures to Address Concerns for 5G Air Safety


Verizon Communications and AT&T have voluntarily agreed to adopt the further precautions for the purpose of ensuring the cell towers that are transmitting the 5G signals, which are using the new acquired midband spectrum that will not interfere with the signals of the aircraft.

In a letter, which is sent to Jessica Rosenworcel, acting chairperson of FCC, the companies said that, they are now planning to decrease the power levels across the nation on the cell towers of the companies that are going to be transmitting the 5G signals over the C-band of the wireless spectrum.

Additionally, the companies also said that, they are going to be imposing more strict power limits on the use of this spectrum near the public helipads and the regional airports, which had been reviewed by the CNET, and the companies have also proposed for taking the action for a time period of six months as the additional evidence from the producers of radio altimeter has been evaluated.

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Both Verizon and AT&T said, as they remain confident that the 5G network has been possessing no risk to the air safety, they are also very sensitive to the desires of the Federal Aviation Administration for doing the additional analysis of this problem.

The Federal Aviation Administration said, the cell towers on the ground that are transmitting 5G network over the C-band of the wireless spectrum can possibly interfere with the automated cockpit systems like those, which are helping the planes landing in poor weather conditions.