Veritone Inc., Awarded with US Patent for Dynamic AI Model Orchestration


The company Veritone Inc., which has been the creator of first operating system for the artificial intelligence known as ‘aiWARE’, on 17th June 2021, announced that, it has successfully received a new US patent for the conductor technology of the company, which generally performs the dynamic artificial intelligence model known as orchestration through the use of a deep neural network (DNN) propriety.

The company Veritone also has a large funnel of the pending patents, and this current patent has the 14th US awarded patent of the company, the conductor technology of the company based on the aiWARE generally uses the power of the company’s DNN got dynamically analyze the data sets and it also applies the most optimal artificial intelligence models that are available to the data set.

The patented functionality the company has been going beyond just the selection of the efficient model, and the DNN has been uniquely looking at the multiple data set features across the text, vision, speech and the data sources and the orchestrates a portfolio of the models of artificial intelligence for getting the most optimal results, and they can also be able to combine multiple results from the AI models more efficiently.

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The conductor technology of the company mostly functions by entering the data first and then extracting the key features of that data, and after that reviewing the features of the interest along with applying the previous learning for selecting the most accurate artificial intelligence model for from using it on that data set from all the available models in aiWARE operating system.