Vaccine Expert: Third Wave of Coronavirus Underway in United Kingdom


An expert who gives advise to the UK government on the covid-19 vaccination program said, the third wave of the novel corona virus pandemic is on its way in the United Kingdom as a result of the highly transmissible Delta variant of the novel corona virus.

Professor Adam Finn, who gives advise on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization in UK said, the country has now been in a firm race between the novel corona virus vaccines and also the Delta variant, that was firstly identified in India, and he said, it has been continuously increasing, they can now be a little bit more optimistic that, it is not going up any faster.

Professor Adam Finn also said, they can possibly conclude that, the race has been firmly on between the novel corona virus vaccination program, specifically getting the second corona virus vaccine doses done of the older people, along with the third wave of the Delta corona virus variant.

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When Adam Finn was asked about how confident he was, that the vaccination program of the United Kingdom can be affecting the Delta corona virus variant along with the current rate of the novel corona virus vaccine jabs, that are now opened up to all the adults.

Adam Finn said, no, he does not feel confident, but he thinks that, there has been some grounds for the optimism, and as per the latest figures of the Office for National Statistics are going to be continuing to show an increase, but that increase has not been accelerated as much as he had been fearing over the previous week.