USA’s Midwest States to Collaborate on Electric Vehicle Charging Network


The governors of the Midwest US states including Michigan Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have announced that, the are going to be collaborating in the implementation of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the middle west region of the United States, and the representatives from all the states have also signed the Regional Electric Vehicle for the Midwest MOU, known as REV Midwest MOU.

The REV Midwest MOU has been a multi-state agreement for the purpose of developing, along with operating and marketing the region and also developing an electric vehicle charging infrastructure network strategically, that has been working for the people and industry in the United States.

This network is also going to initially focus on the regionally significant and interstate commercial corridors and creating the charging opportunities that are publicly accessible, which are going to be capable of serving the MHDV, where the Midwest region of the United States can possibly leverage the existing role as logistics and shipping hub.

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The REV Midwest MOU is also going to provide the foundation for the co-operation on the fleet electrification along with the key commercial corridors for the purpose of safeguarding the economic security, along with increase the job opportunities, futureproofing the interstate commerce, improving public health, decreasing the harmful emissions, and also advancing the innovation.

This partnership is also going to ensure the complete Midwest region of the United States that can effectively compete for the new and private investment, along with the federal funding from the electrification of the vehicles.