USA’s Florida State Records More Than 10,000 Covid-19 Hospitalizations


A day after USA’s Florida State registered the highest new daily corona virus cases since the beginning of the novel corona virus pandemic in 2020, on Sunday, 1st August 2021, the state has broken the previous record of the corona virus hospitalizations, as the number of the patients being hospitalized because of the novel corona virus have been increased rapidly.

The state of Florida has recorded more than 10,207 people, which were hospitalized affected with the novel corona virus as per the data, that has been reported to the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, and the last record of the highest hospitalizations in the state was from 23rd July 2020, when the state of Florida has recorded 10,179 hospitalizations.

The state of Florida has now been the leading state in the country in the per capita hospitalizations for the novel corona virus, as the hospitals in the surrounding of Florida are going to put the emergency room visitors in the beds and several other documents have been seeing some noticeable decrease in the age of the patients.

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The continuously increasing corona virus cases along with the hospitalizations have been increasing due to the new and highly transmissible Delta variant of the novel corona virus through the state of Florida and the residents in the state have also returned to the pre-pandemic levels.

According to the federal health data, the state of Florida has reported 21,683 new corona virus cases, which has been the highest single-day total of Florida since the beginning of the novel corona virus pandemic.