USA’s Buffalo Automation Launched Commercial Robotaxi Service in Europe


Buffalo Automation, a Future Mobility Network and artificial intelligence company in the United States and also an alternative transportation operator of Europe, has been successfully launched the first fully autonomous robotaxi service in the country of Netherlands, Europe, and the launch of the service have been responsible in opening the doors for the cities across the continent of Europe for adopting the ground-breaking alternative for transportation.

The service ‘robotaxi’ has been the first service of its kind, and it has been an autonomous electric ferry, which has been powered by solar energy and it can also be hailed with a ridesharing application, but the robotaxi service has been currently deployed for carrying the passengers in the dense traffic of Europe.

The launch of the robotaxi service has been responsible for making the alternative possibility of using the shared access of the autonomous electric vehicles as an environment friendly and affordable means of transport. This service has been called as the ferry service and it has been subsidized by the provincial government of the Netherlands and it is going to be cost-free for the residents of the country till October 2021.

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Thiru Vikram, CEO of Buffalo Automation said, from the inception of the company, the goals of the Buffalo Automation have always been to improve the safety along with decarbonizing the water by using the technology of the company and this project had been made possible due to the business leaders and the local community that were open to explore the alternative models of transport.