US Warns, Iran Planning to Supply Combat Drones to Russia


A US official has said Iran is planning to supply Russia with potentially hundreds of drones for its war in Ukraine, and some with combat capabilities. Jake Sullivan, national security adviser of US government, said the information suggested by the United States, Iran was preparing to train the forces of Russia to use the drones.

He added that it was unclear whether Iran had delivered them yet, and Iran said technological co-operation with Russia had preceded the war, without confirming or denying the claim by the United States.

Nasser Kanani Chafi, spokesman of foreign ministry of Iran, said there has been no special development in this particular relationships recently, and the drones have played an integral part in the war for both Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine has appealed for the donation of thousands of drones to aid its war efforts. Both Russia and Ukraine are using them to identify the positions of enemy and then provide help direct and correct their own artillery fire on a target.

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Jake Sullivan said intelligence received by the United States has supported the view that Russia’s assault on the eastern region of Ukraine was coming at a cost to the sustainment of its own weapons. He has also observed that drones from Iran have previously been used by the Houthi rebels of Yemen to attack Saudi Arabia.