US: Voyager Therapeutics and Pfizer Signs Gene Therapy Deal


Voyager Therapeutics, a gene therapy firm responsible for the development of the life-changing treatments along with the next-gen adeno-associated virus (AAV) platform technologies have announced the license option agreement with the company ‘Pfizer’ for the next-gen TRACER AAV Capsids for the purpose of enabling the Cardiovascular and Neurologic programs of gene therapy.

With this deal, the company Pfizer might be exercising the options for licensing the novel capsids that has been generated from the Tropism Redirection of by Cell-type-specific Expression of RNA (TRACER TM) driven by RNA of the Voyager Therapeutics, that have been screening the technology as a part of the efforts of Pfizer for developing, commercializing and manufacturing the gene therapies, along with utilizing the two not revealed transgenes for the treatment of cardiovascular and neurologic diseases.

Under the terms of the deal, Pfizer is going to be having the right to evaluate the novel capsids that have been selected for the central nervous system along with the cardiac tropisms from the TRACER platform of Voyager and also exercising the options for licensing the capsids for the use in the development of AAV gene therapies of Pfizer for incorporating the two transgenes, which are not revealed.

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These transgenes are also going to be distinct from those gene therapies, that had been planned for the internal pipeline of Voyager, and the company is going to retain the global rights to all the licensed capsids for using them with the other transgenes and also to all the other applications of the company’s TRACER Technology.