US: Veriff Launches Identity verification Solution Focused on Healthcare


Veriff, an identity verification provider across the globe has now released a new suite of the identity verification solutions that are specifically built for the healthcare industry.

As the use of the telehealth and several other digital health services has been continuing to increase across the world, there is going to be an increased need among the providers of the healthcare and the players for the purpose of validating the identities of the patients for making sure that, they are who they say and for the protection of their privacy along with the footprint of the digital health.

As the consumers are wanting the ease of the convenience associated with the digital healthcare, the solution cannot come at a cost of compromising the personal information of the consumers.

The cases of the medical identity theft which are reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have been increased from around 6,800 in the year 2017 to over 45,500 in the year 2020, which has been signifying the increased ability of fraudsters for obtaining the prescriptions, along with submitting false claims of insurance and also obtaining the false benefits under the names of the victims.

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The video-first approach of Veriff, powered by artificial intelligence for identifying the verification is going to be enabling the healthcare organizations for preventing the fraud. Janer Gorohhov, CPO and co-founder of Veriff said, every person is deserving access to the quality healthcare and they shall never experience a refusal or delay of care because of the breach of security which is not in their control.