US to Share Nuclear Marine Technology with Australia


On Wednesday, 15th September 2021, Joe Biden, president of the United States Announced that, the United States of America is planning to share the nuclear-powered submarine technology with the country of Australia as part of a new defense partnership with Australia and the United Kingdom.

This announcement has come as Joe Biden is trying to refocus on economic policy and national security of the United States on the threat that has been posed by China, and in recent years, the tensions over the territorial disputes in the South China Sea have been escalated, along with China creating the military outposts on many small and reclaimed islands.

Joe Biden along with Scott Morrison, prime minister of Australia and Boris Johnson, prime minister of United Kingdom have stepped up the military presence in those regions and the United States, United Kingdom and Australia are now going to launch an 18-month program for the purpose of determining how best they can be able to share the nuclear submarine propulsion technology, which is going to allow the submarines of Australian Navy for farther and faster.

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Joe Biden said, they will now need to be able to address both the evolution and the current strategic environment because the future of each of their countries and the world has been depending on an open and free Indo-Pacific region, along with flourishing and enduring for the upcoming years in the future.