US to Require all Border Crosses to be Fully Vaccinated From January 2022


Joe Biden, president of the United States said, it is going to be requiring the essential and non-residential travelers that are going to cross the land borders of the United States, such as the government, truck drivers and the officials of the emergency response for being fully vaccinated that is going to start in 22nd January 2022.

A senior official of the US government said, the requirement, which the government of the United States has been previewing in the month of October 2021, has been responsible in bringing the rules for all the essential travelers in the line along with those, which had taken effect in the past for the leisure travelers, when the country has reopened the borders to the fully vaccinated people.

All the essential travelers that are entering by the land borders are also going to be required for being fully vaccinated by the same date. The new rules also pertain to the non-US residents. The permanent residents and citizens of the United States might still enter the country regardless of their corona virus vaccination status, but they are also going to be facing some additional hurdles for testing because of the officials still believe that, they can easily contract the virus and spread the novel corona virus.

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The administration of Joe Biden has been pushing back the requirement for all the essential travelers by more than two months since it came into effect on 8th November 2021 for all the non-essential travelers for the purpose of preventing the disruptions, particularly among the truck drivers who are now vital to the trade in North America.