US to Recommend Covid-19 Booster Vaccine after 8 Months of Vaccination


The health experts of the United States are now expected to recommend the novel corona virus vaccine boosters for all the people of the United States, after eight months of receiving the second dose of the novel corona virus vaccine for the purpose of ensuring the long-lasting protection against the novel corona virus as the Delta variant of the virus is spreading rapidly across the country.

The federal health officials of the United States are now actively looking at whether the extra corona virus vaccine shots for the fully vaccinated people are going to needed, and they are also going to review the number of covid-19 cases in the United States as well as monitoring the situation in several other countries including Israel.

An announcement on the booster vaccine shot in the United States had been expected in the coming weeks, and the novel corona virus vaccine booster doses will only start to be administered widely across the country once the US FDA will be giving the approval to the covid-19 vaccines, and this action has now been expected for the covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

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Last week, the health officials of the United States have recommended the covid-19 booster shots for some of the weakened immune systems, and the frontline and the healthcare workers are going to be the first to receive the covid-19 booster shots, followed by the residents of the nursing homes and the other old people of the United States.