US To Announce New Sanctions Package on Russia


The government of the United States is going to be announcing new sanctions on Russia in coordination with the group of seven countries and the European Union. An official of the US government said, the sweeping package is going to be imposing significant costs on Russia and will send it further down the road of the financial, economic and technological isolation.

The new package of sanctions is going to ban all the new investment in Russia along with the increase in the sanctions on the state-owned enterprises and financial institutions in Russia and sanction the government officials of Russia and their family members.

According to an official familiar with the plans, the government of the United States can possibly apply sanctions on the adult children of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. The administration of Joe Biden is also keeping an eye on the expansion of the sanctions on Sberbank, which is largest financial institution of Russia.

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The new package of sanctions is going to be marling the latest escalation in the efforts by the United States along with its allies for imposing the costs on Russia for its invasion and cut off critical economic sectors, which is country is utilizing for waging the ingoing war.

They are also following new revelations of suture atrocities that are committed by the forces of Russia in the northern region of Ukraine along with the images of the atrocities that are committed in the region of Bucha.