US Successfully Conducted Test of Hypersonic Missile Technology


On Thursday, 21st October 2021, the US Navy said, the United States has successfully tested the hypersonic missile technology, which has been a new weapon system that is already being deployed by the countries including Russia and China.

The test, conducted on Wednesday 20th October 2021 at the facility of NASA in the Wallops, based in Virginia has been a vital step in the process of development of the common hypersonic missile, which has been designed by the navy, and the US Navy also said, this test has also been demonstrating the advanced hypersonic technologies, along with the prototype systems and capabilities in the realistic operating environment.

The hypersonic missiles, just like the traditional ballistic missiles, can possibly fly more than five times at the speed of the sound, but these missiles have been more manoeuvrable than the ballistic missiles and they are also able to trace a low trajectory in the atmosphere, which is going to be making them more hard to defend.

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Ambassador Robert Wood, a permanent representative of the United States to the conference on the Disarmament, has expressed the concern followed by the reports which China had conducted a test in the month of August 2021 of a hypersonic missile with the help of a nuclear capacity.

Robert Wood also said, they have been very concerned about what China has been doing on the hypersonic front, and he also said that, Russia also had a hypersonic technology as the United States had been holding back from the process of developing a military capacity as the country had no choice but to respond.