US Study: Increased Flu Vaccination in Home Healthcare Staff Reduce Patient Illness and Hospitalization


According to the results from a new study, the increasing vaccination rates of influenza among the home healthcare workers might be decreasing the hospitalizations related to serious respiratory infection among the patients in the home healthcare area.

The findings of the study have been among the first for highlighting the association between the rates of home healthcare staff influenza vaccination and the patient illness at a national level.

Jingjing Shang, RN of Center for Health Policy at Columbia University School of Nursing and author of the study said, millions of old people in the United States are receiving the home healthcare services on yearly basis and yet very less is known about the rates of influenza vaccination among the home healthcare workers along with its impact on the patients.

Jingjing Shang also said, their study is also providing some valuable new insights that can possibly help them in informing the home healthcare vaccination policies for the purpose of decreasing the hospitalizations and sickness among this population and can also have some implications for the policies of the home healthcare vaccination related to the novel corona virus.

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The study has also evaluated the association between the hospital transfers from homes because of the respiratory infection among the patients of the home healthcare and the staff vaccination policies of the corresponding agencies.