US Sanctions Forced Russia to Use Household Appliances in Military Gear


The administration of Joe Biden, president of the United States said that, the US sanctions against Russia are working so well that, the military troops of Russia are now being forced for using the household appliances such as computer chips from the dishwashers and refrigerators in some of the country’s military equipment.

Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce of the US said, a ban on the technology exports to Russia had now been hampering the country’s military on the ground as Russia’s unprovoked attack on the country of Ukraine has been drawing on.

Gina Raimondo said that, they are now having the reports from the government of Ukraine that, when they find the military equipment of Russia on the ground, it had been filled with the semiconductors, which they have taken out of the dishwashers and refrigerators.

Since the month of February 2022, the technology exports of the United States to Russia have been decreased by 70 percent and that has been very important in the context of the invasion of the country of Ukraine particularly because of the military of Russia has been notoriously reliant on the technology of the western countries.

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According to the government of the United States, the shutdowns have been the evidence that, the aggressive move of the United States for denying the access of Russia to the technology has been paying off. Additionally, it has also mandated that, the companies across the worldwide cease selling to Russia if they will be using the manufacturing equipment of the United States in their work.