US Retail Sales Dropped by 0.6% in November 2022


In November 2022, retail sales in the United States decreased by 0.6% as consumers avoided big-ticket items like furniture and electronics. Electronics, furniture, and motor vehicles were the categories that experienced decreases. Even though the economy slows and the Federal Reserve raises interest rates by half a point and says it will not stop in 2023, consumers have continued to spend.

The economy and the Central bank has likewise been helped by directing expansion that fell in November 2022 to a yearly pace of 7.1 percent from the 7.7 percent last month. Yet, the example of expenditure has changed, with purchasers picking encounters like eating out and go over durable things like outdoor supplies, garden hardware, and furniture that were inclined toward a year prior.

Since the report does not account for inflation, the slight decline in gasoline sales may have been a result of the lower price of gasoline in November 2022. The majority of retail spending is being fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic’s increased use of credit cards and withdrawals from personal savings, as well as by rising wages.

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According to Jonathan Silver, chief executive officer of Affinity, the situation is mixed and consumers are still reluctant to spend, but they are seeing a lot of bargain hunting and promotions are an important part of retailers’ overall strategy.