US: Private Hospital Turned Focus on Overseas Expansion for Profits


An ocean away from the Ohio headquarters of Cleveland Clinic and across the street of the Buckingham Palace Garden, the Cleveland Clinic has now been making around 1 billion dollars bet, that the people of the continent of Europe are going to embracing a hospital, that is run by one of the marquee health system of the United States of America.

The Cleveland Clinic based in London, that has been scheduled to be opened for the outpatient visits in 2021 and also for the overnight stays in 2020, is primarily going to be offering the elective surgeries and several other treatments for the heart, joints, brain and also the digestive system of the body.

The London strategy of the hospital has been attempting for attracting a well-off, and also the private insured population including the expatriates of America, the people of Europe that were drawn by the reputation of the Cleveland clinic along with some of the UK people.

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Tomislav Mihaljevic, chief executive of Cleveland Clinic said, there has been very few people across the world, who could possibly not choose for having the Cleveland Clinic as the main healthcare provider, and facing the prospect of the rapidly decreasing revenues at home, around most of the health systems and elite hospitals of the United States of America has now been searching with a goal for the patients and also the insurers that are having the ability for paying the high prices, which are mostly responsible for preserving the financial success of those health system and hospitals of US.