US: Power and Natural Gas Prices Increased in Texas and California


The prices of the power and natural gas in regions of Texas and California have been increased to their highest levels this week in several months as the business and homes in the United States have increased the usage of the air conditioners for escaping the brutal heat waves.

On Monday, 15th June 2021, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), that generally operates most of the power system of Texas, have urged the consumers for conserving or saving the energy during the peak hours through the week, and the California ISO, that generally operates most of the energy grid of the state, have told the consumers to start preparing to save the energy of it is needed.

The continuous rotating outages are supposed to leave a limited number of the consumers without the service for a short time before they try to switch to the other groups of the customers, and in the state of Texas, the ERCOT have drawn the criticism after millions of businesses and homes in the country were left in the dark for many days.

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On Tuesday, 15th June 2021, ERCOT have forecasted that, the demand for power will possibly reach at 70,816 megawatts for this week, which is going to be the highest record high for June 2021, and in the state of California, the ISO has forecasted that, the demand for power will possibly reach to 39,856 megawatts in this week, and also for meeting the high and to have enough reserves, the California ISO have said, it is expecting to have around 50,734 megawatts of power supply available this summer.