US Official Warned, Ukraine War Might Be Prolonged


On Thursday, 19th May 2022, a senior official of Pentagon said, the Ukraine and Russia war could also continue for a long time in spite of the forces of Ukraine for the purpose of recapturing the Kharkiv region along with their use of the substantial artillery supplies of the United States.

The official of Pentagon has also cautioned against the analysts saying that, the forces of Russia have been stretched to the capacity and can possibly reach a point at which they are no longer be able for advancing and the official also said that, it has been difficult for knowing that, where this going to go over the time.

Although, the official also said that, the forces of Russia has still been possessing a numerical advantage and a significant amount of combating the capacity in reserve and they are also holding their ground along with a long from the western region of Mykolaiv.

The official also said that, all of that, which is combined with the fact that, they are now talking regarding an area of Ukraine that, the two sides have been fighting over for eight years and it has also been leading them to continue for believing that, this can possibly be prolonged fight.

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Some of the military analysts have also suggested that, the forces of Russia can possibly run out of the steam in the upcoming weeks.