US Navy Launches ‘SCOUT’ for Expanding its AI Capabilities


The United States Navy has started the experimentation of a new program for the purpose of providing help in mitigating and streamlining the operational governance among the Navy’s warfighters along with emphasizing the integration of the automated and artificial intelligence technologies into the standard processes of the Navy.

The officials of the US Navy has also published a special notice that has been soliciting the vendors for providing help in conducting the research campaigns by the Office of Naval Research, and the goal of the program, which is called as SCOUT Experimentation, has been made for dissecting the problems of operations and also developing the technologies that is going to be providing both the improvement of the capabilities of the warfighters and alos expediting the decision making.

The researchers of the Navy has also been anticipating some of the technologies as the potential solutions that also been including the artificial intelligence and automation along with the algorithms of machine learning specifically for targeting the natural language processors, decision making aides, sensor fusion capabilities and the natural language processors.

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SCOUT has been driven by the problem with the partnership of warfighter and the teamwork for the purpose of discovering, exploring, learning and delivering the faster decision points, and starting in the summer of the year 2022, and SCOUT is going to be focusing on the primary exercises along with the Southern Command of the Navy along with JIATF-South and will also be working in tackling the illegal drug trafficking in the maritime regions.