US: Maine CDC Confirmed Fatal Case of Rare Tick-Borne Disease


According to the health officials, a resident of Maine has died in the previous week from a rare and potentially dangerous disease occurred from ticks.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of Maine has confirmed that, this fatal case of Powassan virus, which has been transmitted through the bite of an infected tick or is also known as woodchuck tick.

The Maine CDC said, the person who had died from the disease has developed the neurologic symptoms and has died in the hospital and the health officials said that, the person has likely became infected in the region of Maine.

Dr. Nirav Shah, director of the Maine CDC said that, the ticks are active and are also looking for a host for biting right now and he has also urged the people and visitors of Maine for taking the steps that is preventing the bites of tick.

The cases of the disease known as Powassan virus have been very rare in the United States along with around 25 cases reported every year since the year 2015. The viruses born from the ticks are generally contracted during the outdoor activities like gardening, hunting, camping and also walking in the woods and the ticks has been mainly feeding on the small rodents along with the humans that has been serving as the accidental hosts.

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