US: Lilly Drops Insulin Cost by 70%


The most popular insulins manufactured by Eli Lilly will have seen significant price reductions. Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, has announced plans to reduce the price of its Humalog and Humulin insulins by 70%.

This price cut was made public after the price of insulin skyrocketed, which was heavily criticized by lawmakers in the United States. The Inflation Reduction Act of President Joe Biden aims to set a $35 cap on insulin for Medicare health insurance plans.

Eli Lilly CEO Dave Ricks said that, they are just applying it ourselves. While they could wait for Congress to act or the healthcare system in general to apply that standard. In November 2022, a parody Twitter account with a blue tick erroneously claimed that insulin was free, prompting the price reduction.

The CEO of the pharmaceutical company was compelled to concede that prices could be lower as a result of this. Additionally, Eli Lilly has stated that it intends to reduce the price of its generic insulin injection Lispro to $25. The company also intends to expand its Insulin Value Program so that the $35 cap will be accessible to approximately 85% of US pharmacies.

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According to Dave Ricks, people who use pharmacies that aren’t eligible for the cap can get a rebate through the Eli Lilly website. He added that price reductions ought to become the new norm in the United States. Because of its affordability, insulin has become such a significant issue.