US: Lawmakers Urged Google To Fix Search Results Misleading Abortion


The lawmakers of the United States have now asked the technology company ‘Google’ for fixing the abortion searches that has been misleading the users for the fake anti-abortion clinics.

According to the reports, some Democratic members of the government of the United States have now asked Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet for the purpose of addressing the concerns regarding Google search and mapping the results for abortion information that is also including the fake clinics of anti-abortion.

The report has found that, 37 percent of Google Maps result and 11 percent of Google searches for the ‘abortion clinic near me’ and the ‘abortion pill’ in the states along with the triggering laws that is going to be taking effect automatically.

These fake clinics, which are also called as pregnancy centers of the pregnancy resource centers does not provide the abortions and also seeking to steer the women away from the certain health decisions and the reports has also found that, around 28 percent of the Google ads has been displayed atop search results had been for the anti-abortion clinics.

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Google said that, across their products, they are now working for making the high-quality information that has been easily accessible specifically on the critical health topics. Google also added that, any organisation that mainly wants to advertise the people seeking the information about the abortion services on Google will have to be certified and show the in-ad disclosures, which clearly states that, they offer or does not offer abortions.