US Lawmakers Pressed Facebook for Shutting Down Researchers Accounts


On Monday 9th August 2021, the lawmakers of the United States have been pressing the company ‘Facebook’ on why the social media giant has disabled the accounts of the researchers that were studying the political ads on the social media platform by saying that, it had been imperative that, the experts are going to be allowed for looking into the harmful activity on the platform.

Facebook said, it had shut down the personal accounts and the access of a group of the researchers of the New York University, that has been citing the concerns regarding the privacy of the other users.

The senators including Mark Warner, Amy Klobucher and Chris Coons have been pressing the company ‘Facebook’ in a letter written to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook for providing answers to some series of questions, and the also includes that, how many journalists or researchers have had their accounts disabled in 2021, and how Facebook is changing its terms of the services for accommodating the research in a better way.

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The social media giant has said that, the research had been responsible in violating the rules for protecting the privacy of the users of the social media platform, and Facebook has also paid a record fine of 5 billion dollars in the year 2019 for the purpose of resolving the allegations, saying that Facebook has violated a consent order of the Federal Trade Commission by misleading its users regarding how much control they are having over the personal data of the users.